Reason 1: Connemara

Today was our very first real show so we were a mixture of nervous and excited to talk about Connemara. As promised, you will find a few things below that are mentioned in the show:

  • A link to our blog from Katie’s trip to Connemara, full of stunning images from Connemara.


Caitlin egg conch
Every week I give Caitlin a new Irish phrase to learn. This week:

  • Irish – Conas tá tú? Tá mé go maith, go raibh mhaith agat.
  • PhoeneticKun-ess thaw thoo? Thaw may go moh, gurra moh og-ut
  • Translation – How are you? I am well, thank you.


Tour for a Reason
Westport to Kilkee Self-Drive (Wild Atlantic Way)

  • Filled with rugged beauty and scenic coastline.
  • Adventure comes in many forms
  • Perfect for families and younger couples
  • Really immerse yourself in Ireland
  • Find more Tours for the Reasons at


And here is a photo of Caitlin before and after she was bitten by a Connemara pony


2 thoughts on “Reason 1: Connemara

  1. Mary, your daughter, Caitlin, is a pretty young lady and it is fun to hear her voice with the young man who lives in this area and the fact they have a program about Ireland. The picture of Connemara is lovely. They even talk about Kylemore Abbey where my mother’s sister, Sister Brendan, worked for fifty years. When my sisters and I were in Ireland, we had lunch with her at the Abbey. Thanks for sending. Love


    • Thanks for listening! Sounds like you have some great ties to Kylemore Abbey. It’s definitely a place everyone should see at least once for themselves, isn’t it? Just something else that makes Connemara such a lovely place.


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