Reason 2: The Burren

Our second reason to visit Ireland is The Burren in County Clare.


Caitlin egg conch
Every week I give Caitlin a new Irish phrase to learn. This week:

  • Irish – An bhfuil tú ag dul go dtí Inis Meáin?
  • Phoenetic – On will thu egg dhull go g Inish Maan?
  • Translation – Are you going to Inishmann?


Tour for a Reason
West of Ireland Adventure

  • You don’t need to be a thrill seeker to enjoy this
  • Adventure comes in many forms
  • Perfect for families and younger couples
  • Really immerse yourself in Ireland
  • Find more Tours for the Reasons at

3 thoughts on “Reason 2: The Burren

  1. Thank you so much. That was very enjoyable once again. Caitlin, you are such a good sport!! I laughed so much, in a good way, listening to your pronunciations. And it was a great effort. Who would ever think that a word spelled “bhfuil” would be pronounced “will”. I learned of some new places in this podcast too, thanks Joe. Looking forward to next week please God. Oh and your name in Ireland looks like an Irish name. It would be pronouced Cotch lean. I am sure Joe probably brought it to your attention already. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’re glad to hear you enjoyed it! Yes – you would never think ‘bhf’ would be pronounced in that way. Guess it’s just different over there across the pond! I think we’re all learning a little something. Joe actually didn’t tell me about my name’s pronunciation, but I did know it was of Irish origin. The girl learning Irish has even been butchering her own name! Who knew? 🙂

      Thanks for listening, and we appreciate your comment.

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