Reason 3: Dingle Peninsula

In this episode, we talk about “the most beautiful place on Earth”, try to teach Caitlin some more Irish, and introduce a new segment. Some notes below:

  • Joe’s fun fact may not be a fact (hear disclaimer in Episode 1) as we have been unable to get a source to prove it.


Caitlin egg conch
Every week I give Caitlin a new Irish phrase to learn. This week:

  • Irish – Cé mhéad caoraigh ar Chorca Dhuibhne?
  • Phoenetic – Kay vade queer-ah air  curka guivna?
  • Translation – How many sheep are on Dingle Peninsula?
  • Answer – Half a million


Tour for the Reason
Majestic Ireland – 8 Day Luxury Tour

  • Perfect for honeymoons/special occasion trips
  • Ideal with a chauffeur driver
  • Castle & Superior Hotel stays
  • Can be easily customized for a more modest budget
  • Find more Tours for the Reasons at

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