Reason 8 – Titanic


We went with a slightly lighter tone to last week and talked about the most famous shipwreck in recent history.


Caitlin egg conch

  • IrishTá sé fuar amuigh agus tá sneachta ar on talamh.
  • Phoenetic Thaw shea foor am-weh og-us thaw schnock-ta err on tolive.
  • Translation It is cold outside and there is snow on the ground.

Potts & Plans
Amanda’s Ireland for First Timers

  • Full tour that can be broken into North and South sections of Ireland
  • Two 6 night (or one 12 night) self-drive tour of Ireland.
  • Mention the podcast for a little surprise on your vacation.
  • Find more Tours for the Reasons at


Titanic Opening Day CaitlinCaitlin at Titanic Belfast on opening day in 2012.

One thought on “Reason 8 – Titanic

  1. Have loved, and been entertained as well as educated by, each and every podcast so far, but I think this just might be one of your best! Even though my daughter’s love for Ireland and her obsession with the Titanic- (both from a very young age:) meant filling our home with a plethora of books, videos, and anything else from which we could derive a sense of Celtic knowledge or history, I still was intrigued by your delivery of new facts and info I didn’t yet know. Love the bantering way in which your podcasts unfold, and your descriptive imagery of the beauty and history of Ireland in each podcast only reinforces my promise to myself to one day book my very own journey to this magical place called Ireland. (Luckily, I know just whom I’ll call!)

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