Reason 28 – Irish Stout

R28 (2)

Episode 28 explores the most popular Irish Stouts including Murphy’s, Beamish and of course, Guinness. Caitlin and Joe dive into the history of each classic Irish drink and give tips on the best ways to experience them!

  • After Joe complains about the small and crowded Gravity Bar, it is announced that it will double in size!



Above is Ann enjoying her favorite Irish Stout- Guinness!


Caitlin Egg Conch

Phrase: Níl aon cheann ar an pionta seo

Phonetic: Kneel aon cyonn err on puin-ta shuh

Translation: There is no head on this pint.


Potts &Plans

Old Irish Pub Tours

  • Experience some the best Old Irish Pubs and try a pint of Stout to taste it for yourself.
  • 6 night self-drive tour with freedom to incorporate any other destinations you wish.
  • Mention the podcast for a little surprise on your vacation.
  • Find more Tours for the Reasons at


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