Episode 50 – For the Craic

Episode 50 is here! This is the last podcast in the 50 Reasons to Visit Ireland series. This week Caitlin and Joe discuss Irish Craic. Craic is defined as “a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland”. Listen to find out the origin of the word and the different levels of craic.

  • Check out this video where Obama addresses students by asking ‘What’s the Craic’
  • Click here to watch an Irish woman try to explain what “craic” means.
  • This video is the guide to Irish accents.

Potts & Plans

Caitlin’s Tour – Email us at info@crystal-travel.com for more information!

  • Find out about Caitlin and Joe’s suggested tour: Caitlin and Joe took their favorite parts of the podcast series and put them in a tour! This self-drive tour gives you the chance to see some of Ireland’s most popular destinations. You will have time to explore Dublin, Belfast, Sligo, Galway, and Cork! You are sure to have a lot of good craic on this tour!
  • 10-day self-drive tour with the freedom to incorporate any destination you wish.
  • Mention the podcast for a little surprise on your vacation.
  • Find more Tours for the Reasons at crystal-travel.com/reasons


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